Erlang / AGPLv3 / [View]

IRC client library. The project aims to abstract the IRC protocol completely and provide easy access to the state of the connection. It can be used to implement any kind of service.


Erlang / Python / AGPLv3 / [View]

minutia summurizes the content of various internet services. This summury can be a title, a filesize, the resolution of an image etc.


Erlang / BSD 3-Clause / [View]

An erlang implementation of Bittorrent’s bencode format. See:


Erlang / Multiple licenses / [View]

A collection of programming libraries and tools used by various hyperimpose projects.

drastikbot 2

DEAD / Python / AGPLv3 / [View]

Developement has ceased. Consider using another IRC bot.

drastikbot 2 is an IRC bot that makes it easy to add new features thanks to its modular design. Version 2.2 offers a new module API and is not backwards compatible with previous drastikbot versions.